Solitary Confinement: The Antithesis of Rehabilitation

A recent article in GQ offers a horrifying look at the use of solitary confinement in America’s prison system.  GQ interviewed 48 current and former prisoner in addition to correction officials, attorneys, researchers and activists.  This is a must read article for all criminal defense attorneys and attorneys advocating for prisoner rights.  In essence, in the mind of this reader, solitary confinement is devoid of rehabilitation.  Its pure punishment, if not torture with financial and societal costs. [Read more…]

The 6th Amendment to the US Constitution Requires It

If you are criminal defense attorney representing documented and undocumented non-us citizens in the criminal justice system, you should absolutely-100% be advising them to discuss their circumstances with immigration attorneys. Criminal defense attorneys should also be conferring with immigration attorneys. [Read more…]

“Rural Areas Ripe for Crime” is the Headline in a 3-part series starting today in The Oregonian

For those like me (criminal defense attorneys) who’s careers are intertwined with the criminal justice system — there is a fascinating series of articles starting today in The Oregonian regarding rural crime.  Friday’s article will focus on “crime rising as county sheriff patrols decline across rural Oregon”.   [Read more…]