Opposition to Recreational Marijuana in AZ Intensifies

In November, Arizona residents will vote on Proposition 205 (2016) regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in their state.  The decriminalization of marijuana is a topic of interest to me.  As a criminal defense attorney in Washington, I routinely represented clients in the criminal justice system faced with felony and misdemeanor marijuana offenses pre-passage of I-502 (which appeared on the general election ballot in Washington in 2012). [Read more…]

Pot Shop Sting Op

Yesterday, it was reported in The Columbia via the Associated Press a sting operation focusing on pot shop sales of marijuana to minors allegedly resulted in 4 of 22 pot shops being non-compliant.  The brief article mentioned 10-day suspensions or fines up to $2,500.00 could occur.  Apparently, notice was given on May 12, 2015 by the liquor board to the various shops regarding the crackdown.  Additionally, the store employees accused of the sales are having their cases referred to the prosecutors office for potential criminal prosecution. [Read more…]

In Contrast to Colorado’s Recreational Weed Laws is Washington a Prospective Case Study for Oregon

Interesting article by Noelle Crombie in today’s The Oregonian.  Article addresses a Vancouver Pot Store’s struggle to stay open despite the demand and the legalized recreational use of marijuana in Washington State.  According to the article, among the culprits for slow business: pot shortages, high prices and (perhaps most importantly, in my humble opinion) “the backlog of growers, processors and retailers awaiting state licensing”.  Mj-infused edibles and concentrates are also scarce according to the article. [Read more…]

Marijuana Legalization in Oregon Now in the Hands of Petitioners

An article in today’s The Oregonian discusses the efforts currently underway to legalize marijuana recreationally in the state of Oregon.  Akin to laws previously passed in Washington and Colorado.  However, if recreational marijuana is legalized in Oregon, it will first start with getting petitions signed, “[a] measure that would ask voters  if they want to legalize marijuana – and leave the regulatory details to lawmakers in the next session — doesn’t have enough votes to pass the Senate and appears certain to die in committee”, according to the article. [Read more…]

Visions of Someday Sparking Up in Your Favorite Washington Wateringhole Facing Challenge from Liquor Control Board

In November 2012, Washington voters passed Initiative 502.  The change in the law legalized small amounts of marijuana-related products for most adults, to tax them, and designate the revenue for healthcare and substance-abuse prevention and education.  While Washington residents and Law Enforcement Officials are navigating their way thru new changes in the law, Washington’s Liquor Control Board is hard at work establishing 502’s parameters. [Read more…]