Clark County Courthouse Strives for Efficiency. Embraces Digital Filing.

The Columbian last Friday published an article by Paris Achen regarding the Clark County Clerk’s Office moving toward a digital filing system.  I just happened to be in line that day in the Clark County Superior Court Clerk’s Office when I was asked by Achen about digital filing.  And low and behold, I am in the news.

No doubt about it — being able to file legal documents electronically certainly makes for a more efficient legal practice.  Email confirmation of receipt of filing also helps insulate the file regarding timeliness of submission of legal documents.  The only drawback at this juncture is LibertyNet does not cater to Apple users.  Therefore, if I want to review a court file remotely (e.g. my office), I have to outsource assistance instead of being able to access the information from my own computer.  Of course, the alternative is to go to the courthouse and request documents the old fashioned way — in person.  I’ve been told in the past to purchase a computer that’s compatible with LibertNet.  But for me, as a matter of principle, I refuse to placate to such advice.  Perhaps, in hope at some point in the future the Clark County Clerk’s Office realizes there are a lot non-Microsoft users like me out there and devises a strategy that isn’t so “Microsoft centric” to quote one of the commentators of the article.

Here is the link to the article in entirety.