Vancouver Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal convictions can have serious and long-lasting consequences. The best way to avoid these consequences is to avoid the conviction.

Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law provides skilled legal representation for people accused of a wide range of crimes, with an emphasis of charges related to domestic violence, DUI and drug crimes. From the earliest stages of your representation, I work diligently to protect the aspect of your life you hold dearest: your family, your job, your home, your reputation, and your freedom.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation. I will help you understand your options, based upon your individual circumstances.

Criminal DefenseIn my humble opinion, little is accomplished in the practice of law sitting on the sidelines waiting for something to happen. Working a case requires immediate activity. I am a trial attorney, and I devote my entire practice to the area of criminal defense.

When someone hires me, I presume we will fully litigate the criminal charges. Of course, sometimes we are able to resolve cases favorably through successful negotiations, and many clients want to resolve their cases without the need for trial. But one matter I make very clear to my clients: Never will I stand in the way of a client who wants to have their day in court by going to trial. I do not want to stand in your way, I want to lead the way, if your day in court is what you want most.

When necessary, I work with defense experts and private investigators to ensure that I have all of the relevant facts to build a strong defense.

I routinely handle all types of criminal defense matters, including both felonies and misdemeanors in state court. Specifically, I have extensive experience handling:

My criminal defense focus allows me to stay on top of the changes in law that can affect your rights, because my resources and efforts are undivided. For more information about my practice or criminal defense representation, contact me today for a free consultation. I’m not a family law attorney. I’m not a business attorney. I’m not a real estate attorney. I’m not a personal injury lawyer. I’m a criminal defense lawyer, period.