Use of Private Investigators

A Private Investigator May Help Build a Strong Case in your Defense.

With the support of professional private detectives and investigators, our firm will undertake a probing, detailed investigation on behalf of our clients. In order to construct a strong defense for clients, these private investigators conduct in-depth witness interviews designed to uncover any valuable or vindicating evidence.

Collaboration with Private Investigators in Domestic Violence Defense Cases

If you have been charged with domestic violence, a key component of your defense may be uncovered by way of a privately conducted domestic violence complaint investigation. Defense attorney Matthew R. Hoff, located in Vancouver, Washington, collaborates closely with private detectives and investigators for the sake of building strong cases on behalf of his clients.

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Much is at Stake in your Domestic Violence Defense

It is extremely important to understand the high stakes associated with domestic violence charges. Your reputation, your job, your standing in the community and your ability to obtain credit in the future may all hinge on the outcome of your domestic violence case.

Does Your Complaining Witness have a History of Dishonesty?

A privately conducted domestic violence complaint investigation often enables Attorney Hoff to present a compelling case for clients. A strong domestic violence defense sometimes hinges in part on evidence uncovered by private investigators, including:

  • A complaining witness has a criminal background involving crimes of dishonesty
  • A complaining witness is apparently motivated by a desire to retaliate in the course of bitter divorce proceedings

Discuss the nature of the complaint against you with an experienced domestic violence attorney. Learn how a privately conducted and carefully focused domestic violence complaint investigation can strengthen your defense.

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