Juvenile Crimes Defense

If a young person in your family has been charged with or is being investigated for a juvenile crime, I am dedicated to protecting them and their future opportunities.

Juvenile Defense AttorneyChildren make mistakes. The justice system is designed to help our youth recognize the consequences of their mistakes and encourage them to make better decisions in the future. On the other hand, children can be wrongfully targeted and accused of breaking the law because of their associations.

Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law provides skilled juvenile defense representation for children involve in the adjudication process. For a free initial consultation related to allegations of juvenile crimes with an experienced defense lawyer, contact me today.

Effectively Addressing a Wide Range of Offenses

Just as with adult criminal offenses, juvenile crimes may include a number of different offenses:

  • Drug Crimes: Drug offenses such as possession of marijuana or the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia are among the most common juvenile crimes.
  • Alcohol Offenses: I routinely represent juveniles charged with underage drinking who have received Minor in Possession (MIP) citations. I also represent minors charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs; however, these cases are dealt with in Adult District Court.
  • Malicious Mischief: In Washington, vandalism is formally charged as malicious mischief. The specific offense, as well as the potential penalties, depends largely upon the value of the damage.
  • Burglary: I provide effective legal representation for minors accused of burglary and other property crimes including: trespass, vehicle prowling, theft in the first, second and third degree, possession of stolen property in the first, second and third degree, possession of a stolen motor vehicle, taking a motor vehicle without permission.
  • Assault: Schoolyard fights can turn into assault charges with criminal consequences. We represent juveniles accused of assault and other violent crimes.

When working with minors accused of juvenile crimes, I have two primary goals. First, I work to help children recognize the consequences of their actions and to help them turn their lives around. I am a strong believer in the power of early intervention.

Additionally, I work to try and minimize the direct and collateral consequences of the allegations. This includes any potential impact on current and future educational endeavors and job opportunities.

In many cases, minors accused of crimes may be eligible for diversion programs. A juvenile offender may be able to have records sealed and in some instances have the file destroyed.

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