Domestic Violence Defense Attorney in Vancouver

Being arrested for domestic violence can devastate your life. An emotional situation can lead to prosecution even if the alleged victim withdraws charges. I can help.

Domestic Violence AttorneyDomestic violence (DV) charges alone have serious consequences. Mere allegations can leave the accused with a reputation as a violent person and require removal from the home. The imposition of a court ordered no contact order could result in prolonged periods of separation from loved ones…

When convicted for domestic violence, the consequences become increasingly severe.

Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law provides experienced legal representation for people accused of domestic violence offenses. Domestic violence can include a number of different offenses. I have experience handling and taking to trial a wide spectrum of charges related to domestic violence.

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Aggressive Defense Representation for Domestic Violence Allegations

When you work with our firm, you work with me. I am a very aggressive criminal defense attorney. I am recognized within the local legal community for my absolute commitment to each and every case that I handle. I believe that my clients deserve their day in court – and I am able to effectively represent them in the courtroom for any domestic violence charges.

The variety of potential criminal charges related to domestic violence is vast:

The Experience to get Results

Regardless of the particular domestic violence charges you are facing, I am dedicated to assisting you in not facing the system alone. I have handled domestic violence matters throughout my legal career, and I am particularly passionate about this area of law.

I recognize the impact domestic violence allegations can have on a family, and the inherent challenges of these cases. Accusations are often levied and pursued without any consideration of context or ulterior motives. It has been my experience, citizens of the State of Washington are often arrested by law enforcement for domestic violence offenses without any evidence to support the underlying allegations. Prosecutors routinely litigate cases where alleged victims freely admit they lied to the police when they reported the abuse. As an attorney, I aggressively defend these allegations and work to ensure all aspects of the situation are considered.

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