Anti-Harassment and Orders of Protection

Orders of protection and Anti-harassment orders are intended to protect victims of abuse and torment. The restrictions imposed by said orders can interfere with daily activities. Unfortunately, many times requests for protection by the petitioner are made on the thinnest of evidence, if not the legal definition of insufficient evidence. Some requests for protection include inconsistent and contradictory language. In my opinion, the system is being abused by individuals who have no good faith basis in seeking orders of protection but are merely being sought to ruin the reputation of the person they are seeking “protection” from.

You want to challenge these false claims. That’s where I come in.

If you have been named as a respondent in a civil protection order (CPO) or restraining order, it is important for you to understand and exercise your legal rights. Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law provides skilled legal representation for people who are subject to these types of court orders.

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Understanding the Legal Issues Involved in a Restraining Order

Civil orders of protection should be taken seriously and given immediate attention. Violating an Anti-Harassment Order or Order of Protection even in the civil context can result in criminal charges being filed.

Perhaps most importantly, even an inadvertent violation of a no-contact order can have criminal consequences. A civil protection order alone does not result in jail time, and will not result in a criminal record – but violating such an order is a criminal offense.

Additionally, even if there is no criminal case against you, a civil protection or restraining order is still likely to appear on a background check. This may affect your employment opportunities and housing options, among other things. The full ramifications of the CPO may be a direct affront to your reputation and standing in the community.

By retaining skilled and experienced legal counsel, you can better understand and protect your rights through all phases of the process. As your attorney, I will work diligently to:

  • Respond effectively to the Petitioner’s Request for an order of protection; and
  • Present compelling arguments for dismissal of the petition for a civil protection order

I am devoted to the defense of people accused of domestic violence, as well as those targeted by civil protection orders. I fight aggressively for my clients and work zealously to protect their rights.

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