Domestic Violence Probation Violations

In most domestic violence cases, a desirable outcome is dismissal, acquittal, a reduction in the charges, less severe penalties and probation. However, probation may not be the end of the story. Please contact experienced attorney Matthew R. Hoff in Vancouver, Washington, for skilled and aggressive defense regarding your alleged domestic violence probation violation or no-contact order violation.

Conditions of Probation

Supervised probation means that the court has granted the accused a conditional release so long as they continue to meet such ongoing conditions as no-contact with the alleged victim(s), payment of fines/restitution, work crew participation, drug evaluations, mental health or substance abuse treatment, anger management program participation or domestic violence perpetrator program participation, among others.

Domestic Violence Probation Violation

If you are accused of violating a term or condition of your probation, discuss the facts and circumstances of your case with an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

No-Contact Orders

Perhaps you have been complying with the terms of your probation, including attendance at anger management treatment, but you wish to ask the court to drop your no-contact order.

Attorney Matthew R. Hoff is an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer with the tools and knowledge needed to obtain favorable outcomes when it comes time to asking the Court lift the no contact order. Let me assist you in helping reunite your family. I can assist with your efforts to petition the court for removal of a no-contact order.

Prompt attention to your bench warrant stemming from an alleged domestic violence probation violation may mean the difference between jail time and no jail time. Fight to have no-contact orders dropped when you and your family are ready to be reunited after a domestic violence conviction. Please contact Matthew R. Hoff by phone or e-mail to schedule a free initial consultation at your earliest opportunity.