Domestic Violence and the Military

When you serve in the military, a domestic violence conviction poses a particular threat to your career, your livelihood and your reputation. For one thing, a domestic violence conviction may render you ineligible to possess a firearm – an essential tool for members of the military. Consequently, a domestic violence conviction may result in early and unwanted discharge from the military.

Free Initial Consultations for Members of the Armed Forces Charged with Domestic Violence

Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law is proud to represent members all US military branches including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps and Coast Guard. Please contact the law firm to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss the consequences that a domestic violence conviction can have upon your military career.

Protect Your Family Relationships, Your Career, Your Rights and Your Reputation

A domestic violence conviction carries an array of consequences, including damage to family, career, housing choices and good standing in the community.

Please note that even when the complaining witness has recanted, the prosecuting attorney may still pursue the charges. Let me assist you in making a major weakness in the State’s case a major strength in the defense’s case.

Defending Proud Member of the Military ◦ Domestic Violence Defense

For a member of the military, domestic violence charges may signal the beginning of the end of an otherwise honorable career. Please don’t take a chance. Contact an experienced domestic violence defense lawyer to schedule a free initial consultation.