No Contact Orders

If you have been served with a Civil Anti-Harassment Order; a Domestic Violence Protection Order; a Vulnerable Adult Protection Order or a Sexual Assault Protection Order, you should talk to an attorney immediately.

Why should you talk to an attorney immediately?

  • Protection Orders, while civil in nature, can lead to criminal charges if the order is violated.
  • Protection Orders, while civil in nature, can appear on background checks. An adverse background check can negatively impact employment, employment opportunities and housing.
  • Domestic Violence Protection Orders, while in civil in nature, will prevent you from possessing a firearm
  • If you have been served with a Protection Order by a neighbor, the Order can create logistical problems for you and the ability to enjoy your home and the neighborhood.
  • If someone with whom you share a home has served you with a Protection Order, the Order can effectively force you out of your residence.
  • Protection Orders can prevent you from seeing your children.
  • Sexual Assault Protection Orders can severely tarnish your reputation within the community in which you live and the professional community in which you work.

The above is not an exclusive list of reasons why you should talk to attorney immediately. But they do represent major reasons why legal representation is important.

Bottom line. Protection Orders should be taken with a high degree of seriousness. I have successfully defended numerous Civil Anti-Harassment Order; Sexual Assault Protection Order and Domestic Violence Protection Order cases that lead to outright dismissals of the original complaints. My record of success in part is based upon my years of experience of representing clients facing Protective Orders and my ability to analyze these types of cases through those years of experience.

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