Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction are serious and in many cases, life-long. It can affect your family life and your career, as well as your credibility, reputation and standing within your community. When facing serious domestic violence charges, an aggressive and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer is an extremely valuable ally and a precious commodity.

Considering the gravity and the extent of typical domestic violence consequences, you are well-advised to seek out the most highly qualified and attentive defense lawyer you can find.

Contact domestic violence lawyer Matthew R. Hoff in Vancouver, Washington, to discuss potential penalties of domestic abuse charges, including the following:

    • When children are involved, domestic violence consequences may include curtailed or limited access to your own sons and daughters
    • If you are a proud member of the armed services, a domestic violence conviction can jeopardize your career in the military
    • A conviction can lead to one or more of the following:
    • imprisonment
    • probation
    • loss of the right to possess a firearm
    • difficulty in obtaining employment
    • difficulty finding rental housing
    • international travel restrictions (including difficulty entering Canada, even for work or education)
    • mandatory domestic counseling or anger treatment therapy
    • fines
    • drug/alcohol counseling
    • no contact order

Washington State Domestic Violence Attorney Matthew R. Hoff

Matthew R. Hoff, is a Vancouver, Washington, criminal defense lawyer committed to fighting for his clients’ rights when they have been charged with spousal abuse or child abuse.

Whether your case involves stalking and harassment or fourth degree assault (assault IV), please contact Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law through this web site or by phone to discuss your case and your options. Attorney Hoff is fully prepared to address special situations, such as charges of probation or parole violation in connection with a previous conviction on domestic violence charges. Together, you can discuss the likely domestic violence consequences of your case, as well as your most promising defense strategies.