Harassment, Stalking, Cyberstalking, or Violating A No-Contact Order

If you have been accused of any crime, it is important to act quickly and cautiously to protect your rights and interests. Criminal charges can turn into criminal convictions – with long-lasting consequences for even seemingly minor offenses.

At the law firm of Matthew R. Hoff, Attorney at Law in Vancouver, Washington, I provide skilled criminal defense representation for people accused of a wide range of crimes. For a free initial consultation related to any criminal allegations with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, contact me today.

I routinely defend against criminal allegations related to unwanted contact, such as:

  • Harassment: Misdemeanor & Felony including Telephone Harassment (Misdemeanor & Felony).
  • Stalking & Cyberstalking: Misdemeanor & Felony
  • Violation of a No-Contact Order: Domestic Violence Court Order Violation (Felony & Misdemeanor).

I have extensive experience handling all types of crimes related to domestic violence. I understand how to effectively address these allegations, and the issues to consider when building a strong defense. Whether I am entering into negotiations or preparing for trial, this knowledge allows me to aggressively defend my clients’ rights and interests.

Contact me today for a free initial consultation regarding allegations or charges of harassment.