“Faces of Meth” a Decade Old

Oregonian writer Kasia Hall recently wrote an article on the 10 year Anniversary of “Faces of Meth” launched in 2004.  Anyone doing criminal defense work like me should read this article.  Please find below a link to Hall’s article in its entirety.

One of the subjects of the article is Perry Bennett.  According to the article he has been in and out prison 12 times over the past 26 years.  He is currently serving a 28-month sentence at the Columbia River Correctional Institution in North Portland for possession of heroin, possession of meth and unlawful use of motor vehicle.

Sadly, I wish I had seen this article in time to alert folks to a live chat with the creator of “Faces of Meth,” Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy Bret King, which was this past Tuesday.  However, the link to the article does include transcripts from the live chat including contact information for Deputy King.

Link to the article.