Opposition to Recreational Marijuana in AZ Intensifies

In November, Arizona residents will vote on Proposition 205 (2016) regarding the legalization of recreational marijuana in their state.  The decriminalization of marijuana is a topic of interest to me.  As a criminal defense attorney in Washington, I routinely represented clients in the criminal justice system faced with felony and misdemeanor marijuana offenses pre-passage of I-502 (which appeared on the general election ballot in Washington in 2012). [Read more…]

Now Decriminalized in Washington State, Recreational Weed Infrastructure Ain’t Kush

In November, Oregon voters will decide whether Measure 91 (recreational weed) gets passed.  Measure 91 is akin to Washington State’s I-502.  However, despite their prospective kinship there seems to be a slew of reading material lately suggesting how Oregon should avoid and / or learn from the mistakes that have hampered legalized weed in Washington State since the voters passed I-502. [Read more…]