In Contrast to Colorado’s Recreational Weed Laws is Washington a Prospective Case Study for Oregon

Interesting article by Noelle Crombie in today’s The Oregonian.  Article addresses a Vancouver Pot Store’s struggle to stay open despite the demand and the legalized recreational use of marijuana in Washington State.  According to the article, among the culprits for slow business: pot shortages, high prices and (perhaps most importantly, in my humble opinion) “the backlog of growers, processors and retailers awaiting state licensing”.  Mj-infused edibles and concentrates are also scarce according to the article.

Crombie notes the contrast between Colorado and Washington, “Washington’s rocky rollout stands in stark contrast to Colorado, where the state relied on its established medical marijuana industry to shape its recreational one”, on the other hand, “Washington’s medical marijuana dispensaries remain unregulated – much like Oregon’s before this year.”  As the article indicates, Oregon began regulating medical marijuana dispensaries in March.

This fall voters in Oregon will decide if individuals 21 and older can possess up to eight ounces at home, one ounce in public.

To read the article in its entirety, click the link.