“Rural Areas Ripe for Crime” is the Headline in a 3-part series starting today in The Oregonian

For those like me (criminal defense attorneys) who’s careers are intertwined with the criminal justice system — there is a fascinating series of articles starting today in The Oregonian regarding rural crime.  Friday’s article will focus on “crime rising as county sheriff patrols decline across rural Oregon”.  Saturday’s article addresses ‘sheriff deputies in rural areas often patrol alone with no backup’.  And Sunday’s article, the final in the 3-part series, discusses the intersection between public safety and taxes, “who pays and at what price”.

The expose surmises the criminal justice system in many rural areas is hampered by downsized law enforcement agencies caused by an eroding revenue / tax base and bad politics — “the virtual end of federal logging is the main culprit” according to the article.

Great article by Les Zaitz.  Please click on the following link to read the online article.