Clark County Courthouse Strives for Efficiency. Embraces Digital Filing.

The Columbian last Friday published an article by Paris Achen regarding the Clark County Clerk’s Office moving toward a digital filing system.  I just happened to be in line that day in the Clark County Superior Court Clerk’s Office when I was asked by Achen about digital filing.  And low and behold, I am in the news. [Read more…]

Supreme Court Lays Down the Law on Post-Arrest Cellphone Searches

In the shadow of the highly controversial “Hobby Lobby” case in which the US Supreme Court held corporations can state religious objections to employee health care benefits that are incongruent with their own religious beliefs — the US Supreme Court also imposed substantial limitations on post-arrest cell phone searches. [Read more…]

Amidst the backdrop of the World Cup, Hope Solo arrested on Domestic Violence Related Charges

As reported amongst multiple news outlets, Team U.S.A soccer goalie, Hope Solo, was arrested over the weekend on domestic violence related charges. Solo appeared in court today and entered not guilty pleas to Assault in the Fourth Degree – Domestic Violence.

Assault in the Fourth Degree is a gross misdemeanor. Punishable by up to 364 days in jail and a $5,000.00 fine. [Read more…]

Pets up for Adoption following Closure of Animal Cruelty Case

As reported in The Columbian citing an article published in The Spokesman-Review several pets are up for adoption following the convictions of 4 people for animal cruelty.  The animals included guinea pigs, horses and goats.  According to the article, “[m]ost of the animals were in cages with no water and large amounts of feces. The home had no running water or electricity and was filled with animal feces, rotting food and garbage.”  The terms of the convictions include limitations on number of pets that can be owned in the future by the defendants. [Read more…]

“Rural Areas Ripe for Crime” is the Headline in a 3-part series starting today in The Oregonian

For those like me (criminal defense attorneys) who’s careers are intertwined with the criminal justice system — there is a fascinating series of articles starting today in The Oregonian regarding rural crime.  Friday’s article will focus on “crime rising as county sheriff patrols decline across rural Oregon”.   [Read more…]

Mazel Tov, Clark County Courthouse!

I have been practicing law in Clark County Since 2002.  For over 10+ years this has been my home in the legal community.  It goes without saying but certainly worth mentioning, I have spent a significant chunk of that time at the Clark County Courthouse.   [Read more…]

SCOTUS Mulls Cellphone Searches by Law Enforcement

Ostensibly, cellphones have morphed into extensions of our body.  Dining out.  Relaxing at a park.  Hanging out with friends.  Watching television.  Or just plain being on a phone for the sake of being on a phone.  A growing percentage of the population can not seem to disconnect themselves from their cell phones.  We take our cellphones with us wherever we go.  There it is.  Resting in our pockets. Or attached to our hands. [Read more…]

Eyewitness Testimony Examined Under New Light

According to an article in today’s The Columbian citing an Associated Press article by Nigel Duara, “studies show eyewitness testimony is only right about half the time — a reality that has prompted a small vanguard of police chiefs, courts and lawmakers to toughen laws governing the handling of eyewitnesses and their accounts of crimes”. [Read more…]

Washington Governor Jay Inslee Signs New Domestic Violence Gun Law

Persons subject to no-contact orders, protection orders, and restraining orders face significant legal challenges to gun ownership.

As reported in The Spokesman-Review, Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed a new Domestic Violence Gun Law Bill on March 28, 2014 with an effective date of June 12, 2014. [Read more…]

Doors Open for Man to Sue State for Wrongful Conviction

The Oregonian reported Wednesday, March 26th, a man once convicted of triple-murder whose conviction was ultimately overturned can sue Oregon for wrongful conviction.

The article indicates procedurally Cannon’s initial attempt to sue Oregon was thwarted by a lower courts decision that his lawsuit was invalid because the time to file his suit lapsed.  However, the Oregon Court of Appeals held Cannon did meet the procedural requirements for filing his case in a timely manner. [Read more…]